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November 6th 08, 04:31 PM
Well today I want to talk about one of my favorite animals. That’s the
cat. Although I don’t have a pet, I really like most of the animals.
But lets stick to the subject and talk about cats right?

Well, these animals are one of the popular pets in the whole world.I
will just list the most popular cat breeds and write down some details
about them.

1. Persian Cat-these cats are famous for their long and fluffy hair.
It can grow up to 3 inches. They have various colors which range from
black, white, grey, orange or it can be combination of these. They are
really cute but they need more maintenance in terms of their hair and
they need to feel secure. I personally know people who have Persian
cats and they are really happy with them. Did you ever watched the
movie “Cats and dogs”? The chief of the cats was a white Persian cat.
They are sometimes really lazy.

2. Siamese cat –These cats are just the opposite of the Persians…They
are slim, and not hairy at all. One important note about Siamese cat
is that they always want to be the center of attention. And they do
anything (and by anything I really mean anything) so you give them
your attention. I was searching on Google and I found one pick where
the cat seemed to me like a shaved sheep, LOL. But they are really

Maine Coon Cat

3.Maine coon cat-they are also popular as they could be found
everywhere in the world. The Mancoon is one of the first cat breeds.
It can stand low temperatures as well as hot temperatures.

They are really loyal animals. They love playing games and stuff.And
they are also save for kids. So if you have a child and want a pet…The
Mancoon cat is for you.

RagDoll Kitten

4. Ragdoll-they were developed by a cat breeder in the 1960’s.They are
blue eyed and have medium length of hair. They are also compatible for
children as they have very relaxed personality.They love being with
people, so they will follow you :D.

5. Burmese cats – Their skin is similar to the Siamese cat’s. Their
usual eye color is yellow but it can blue or green too. Other
difference between them and the Siamese cats it their voice-it’s
softer. They can get really bonded to their owners.

A little bit history

But these animals weren’t popular only now. For example they were a
sacred animal for the Egyptians, and were the most popular pet in
ancient Egypt. Although no one can pinpoint the time exactly, we know
that the cat was domesticated in Egypt, probably around 2000 B.C.

Modern Egyptian Wild Cat: The Sand Cat Possibly one of the ancestors
of the Modern Cat

There is a cat named African wild cat and it is one of the closest
wild relatives of the modern cat.But it is larger than the usual
domesticated cat today.

Why were cats domesticated? I mean think about it. The dogs were
domesticated thousands of years ago before the cats. That’s because of
their hunt purpose. But the cats? Well, in Egypt the greatest danger
were numerous poisonous snakes, rats and other vermin, which attacked
food supplies. It’s assumed that the wild cat hunted down them. It’s
easy to imagine the grateful Egyptians. As soon as the felines were
timed (that took a lot of time of course),and the Egyptians started
supplying them with food, thereby changing their diet, and breeding
them for certain characteristics, the cats were domesticated. The
perfect pets!

Finally,I want to say that it is not surprising that the cats are one
of the most popular domestic animals. I mean they were important for
the mankind in the history. And they are really cute, intelligent,
playful and helpful.So if you want a cat…Keep in my the abilities that
I described up and pick the breed you like most.

Thanks for reading,Aliensexist112.

So what you think?Which cat would you choose?Why?I would have choosen
Maine Coon Cat if my mother would let me have one :P.Thanks for the
answers,Aliensexist112. www.alotof.co.cc - my blog :)