View Full Version : Changes to the ErotiCat Homepage

November 25th 08, 04:59 PM
After 12 years - we may be reaching the end of the road.

Well, it's come to this. The ErotiCat Homepage - one of the few web
sites that still calls itself a "homepage" - will soon be removed from
its present location. We are consulting with friends, but we are close
to making a decision to either close the site, or migrate it to a new
platform ... perhaps part of a social networking service or

We will be making a decision soon and the change will come into effect
in January 2009.

We've had a good long run and we've maintained contact with many new-
found friends who have shared their photos and personal stories of
love and respect for their companions.

For a modest little web site, we've had an amazing history. We've
survived the ups-and-downs of the Internet and managed to stay live
throughout as our ISP providers came and went. We've received
accolades from friends and fans, made headlines and been "surfed" live
on TV during a popular British talk show. We're proud to say that we
are still advertising and banner-free.

Through it all, we've stayed true to our Mission -- the unabashed
celebration of the most beautiful creatures on the planet ...

There is no shortage of web sites that celebrate the wonderful
creatures we all love so dearly. We are pleased that we've been able
to make a modest contribution over the years.

URL to The ErotiCat Homepage - http://home.ican.net/~otiss