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Bettina, BFRP
December 2nd 08, 05:46 AM
A new reformulated version of Rescue Remedy was launched today -
Rescue Remedy Pet.

Hundreds of Doctors of Veterinarian Medicine members of the American
Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommend Rescue Remedy in their

Starting today, they will be able to offer their patients a new
alcohol-free combination of the five Bach Flower Essences in Rescue
Remedy that have been in used and recommended for over 75 years.

Dr. Margo Roman, an author and member of the AVMA, believes strongly
that Nutrition and Preventative medicine are the cornerstones of a
good practice. She recognizes that animal and pet owners are searching
for natural remedies; and to treat symptoms of anxiety, fear, anguish
and separation anxiety she recommends the five ingredients found in
Bach Flower Rescue Remedy and used for decades in Europe and around
the world.

The renown, Dr. Patrick Mahaney, DVM, and an AVMA member, was recently
featured on an investigative report of the calming effect of Rescue
Remedy Pet on spastic animals by Petpulse and ZootooTV that can be
viewed here: http://www.zootoo.com/zootootv/v/petpulse609bachfloralessences2

How do these products work? Floral essences produce chemicals in the
body that make pets feel at ease in as little as 30 minutes, says Dr.

According to research started 75 years ago, founder Dr. Edward Bach,
found that each of the 38 available essences impact a separate
emotional issue in animals and humans. For example, Beech improves
intolerance, Clematis helps apathy, Crab Apple treats obsessive
cleanliness or grooming and Heather curbs excessive barking.

Dr. Patricia Unger, DVM, and CEO of Kensington Veterinary Hospital in
San Diego, an AVMA member, recommend and use Rescue Remedy on the
patients in her hospital. Her practice has become a magnet for caring
pet owners in Southern California.

Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine, Eugene Gavin, of South Crossing
Veterinary Hospital and adjunct professor at MSU, an AVMA member,
recommends Rescue Remedy to treat excessive territoriality in cats,
and to reduce the separation anxiety and fear in a number of animals.

Dr. Carol Osborn, DVM, an AVMA member, is the author of “Urine
Spraying and Cats” and “Naturally Healthy Dogs”, among other titles.
Dr. Osborn recommends Rescue Remedy to treat the fear, and anxiety
often induced by changes in the environment.

Animals suffer from anxiety and fear from common occurrences such as
loud noise such as thunder in a weather storm or the pounding and
explosions of construction sites; and in other instances from things
that we humans cherish such as our 4th of July firework displays.
Facing new surroundings and separation often leads to anxiety and
anguish and secondarily to misbehavior.

Dr. Carolyn Blakely, DVM, an AVMA member, is quoted on the Veterinarian
´s Guide to Natural Remedy for Cats as recommending Rescue Remedy for
trauma, stress, or shock, whether emotional, mental, or physical.

The author, Dr. George McLeod, MRCVS, DVSM, and an AVMA member writes,
"Rescue Remedy is used to benefit the patient after exposure to any
traumatic experience e.g. stress, shock and post-operative trauma. A
very useful remedy to revive weak foals after birth."

The new Rescue Remedy Pet formula is alcohol-free, completely natural
and non-habit forming. Bach Flower Essences have no known side

Rescue Remedy comes in spray, pastilles and droppers and now has been
reformulated for delicate animals and pets – Rescue Remedy Pet, says
Bettina Rasmussen, CEO of BachFlower.com.

The 5 Bach Flower Essences in Rescue Remedy Pet are:

Clematis: Clematis is indicated for animals that show no apparent
interest in the world around them; for example; animals that sleep all
the time, have trouble paying attention, or seem to live more in a
dream rather than in the present.

Impatiens: Impatiens is recommended for animals that behave
impatiently; and that seem to have boundless energy, such as the ones
that can't wait to go for a walk or that rush ahead.

Cherry Plum: Cherry Plum is effective on animals that exhibit a loss
of self-control; for example, animals that violently scratch

Star of Bethlehem: Star of Bethlehem helps animals that have been
abused or mistreated in the past; or that have experienced trauma or

Rock Rose: Rock Rose is effective on animals in the grip of terror,
panic-stricken and that, for example, exhibit body trembling, cowering
or that run away.

Dr. Mahaney, explains that administering Rescue Remedy Pet is simple.
Add 4 drops to the animal´s drinking water with every fresh bowl of
water, add to the food or spray directly into the mouth.

Dr. Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PhD is the author of the reference
volume “the Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats” which
has sold half a million copies. Dr. Pitcairn has trained over 250
United States veterinarians in classical veterinarian homeopathy. In
his books, which are available at www.bachflowerbooks.com, Dr.
Pitcairn recommends the use of Rescue Remedy and discusses various way
in which Rescue Remedy can be used to treat animals and improve their
quality of life.

For information about Dr. Edward Bach’s 38 Flower Essences, education
courses, consultations and sales to retailers and professionals visit
www.BachFlower.com The world largest selection of Bach Flower Books is
found at www.bachflowerbooks.com

Rescue Remedy Pet can be purchased at www.RescueRemedyPet.com .

For media contacts visit www.RescueRemedyPet.com or call 800-214-2850.
Ask for Bettina Rasmussen.