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December 16th 08, 11:58 AM
Hi, I am part of a group importing posts from Usenet onto the web,
we are trying our best to filter out abuse and spam.

For this reason I would be most grateful if you could send me a copy
of your killfiles

Preferably you have been using this group for around 4 years or
longer but any help is appreciated.

Please note that what you may consider annoying may simply be
discussion and some people can be moderated and not entirely
blocked, what we are trying to eliminate is posts with no value
and/or disturbing content. More killfiles will help our automated
cross referencing technology's ability to flag users who have been
killfiled by a large number of people.

Once again thank you and if you are willing please post files to my
email. My provider is hotmail and my username is mediacetnews
(Please adjust accordingly, I've presented it that way to avoid Spam
bots). Also if possible send the corresponding group name(s) with
the mail.

We hope to provide a service free from abusive or disturbing posts.
Regards and thanks

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