View Full Version : Who spent Christmas Eve/Christmas Day alone with their pets

Noon Cat Nick
December 29th 08, 02:57 AM
like me?

December 29th 08, 06:08 PM
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> like me?

I won't, but I must confess, it sounds like a MUCH better way to spend the
holiday than being around a bunch of rowdy drunks. As it is, it will be just
my husband, myself and our two cats by the fire.

Linda Boucher
December 29th 08, 07:04 PM
I spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day alone with my Husband and Cat
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> like me?

January 2nd 09, 03:30 AM
On Dec 28 2008, 7:57*pm, Noon Cat Nick
> wrote:
> like me?

My 87 old mother in IN did because the weather was so horrific that
she was scared to go out and thankful to be home alone with her cat,
Henry, where it was safe and warm.

I've spent many Christmases and holidays alone in the past (pre-cats)
or with only my cats and I've also spent many Christmases and other
holidays working (in a hospital). I'd rather be home alone with my
cats than working anytime. Working on holidays totally sucks!!!!!!!!
I don't have to do that anymore, thank God. I hope I never have to