View Full Version : WANTED: Pet Owners with a Funny Bone!

November 10th 04, 03:01 AM
I am writing your group in search of your funniest pet anecdote! Tell
me about the holiday disaster when you took Fido to Old Aunt
Frannie's, or the time the world's wiliest feline got into

Every pet owner has a funny story but not everyone has the gift to
transfer that story to the written page and make peoples sides ache
with laughter. I am the proud owner of LAFF Line Publishing and am in
search of the funniest thing that has ever happened to each of you,
written well, in 1000 words or less. Don't forget to nail the punch
line! The best of the best submissions will be published, the authors
credited, in a compilation piece published by LAFF Line. Additionally,
each author will receive a first run copy of the book.

HURRY! Our first volume is over halfway to completion and will go to
print right after the first of the year. I still need 42 hysterical
pet stories!

If your funniest moment doesn't happen to involve your pet, that's OK!
We will be publishing a whole series on ANY and ALL topics of
hilarity! If it's funny, I want to hear it!

Email all submissions to

I can't wait to hear your tails! Um, I mean tales!