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February 2nd 09, 02:55 PM
I took Lucy to the hospitol this morning.

I am not sure what the problem is.

She stopped walking on friday, it was like she was just swimming on
the floor...

I am sure she has some level of infection
maybe arthritis

When I held her any over the weekend, it was like holding a sac of
water.. she is very weak

I started giving her moxi antibody, friday...

Amazingly, she is eating like a champ
I had to prop her up from her side

I put a table in my bedroom
and made her a large bed on the table

She was always real verbal, she is only able to hold her head up
while she eats

I made her special meals with the antibiotic crushed up in it

it's a long story, but, we moved into a 60,000 sf industrial 7-story
or so... we are in an apt. the rest of the building is flats and
lucy liked to hide under some doors on the 5th floor.

just so she could, do her little peace thing. whatever.

I first noticed 2 weeks ago. she couldn't jump up onto my bed
so. I would put her up there

it's been a downhill thing for 2 weeks

I think the cold set her off, and rushed whatever symptoms she is now

she couldn't get warm last night, it was 90deg in my bedroom.
no. it was 90 in there. she was still not warm

I put a 2 liter bottle of hot water under the covers with her
she luuuuved that.

Jupiter is such a kind little cat to visit with Lucy

What a weekend. I've slept maybe 4 hours

the animal hospitol took her in, they are going to do xrays and blood
work.. right away, they suspect aurthor got her

but with the steel pin in her leg, and lucy loitering in the cold

we'll see

hope everyone is well, hope all your children are well


February 2nd 09, 03:03 PM
I wanted to mention, one reason I think it's infection
she couldn't poop

i had to give her enema

she had a LOT of hard balls..

and, finally, the last bit was soft

so... that was a problem.

I know she's peeing because of the smell

she was impacted, so it made me think
her fluids were needed for any infection

the vet assistant told me this morning
Lucy doesn't look dehydrated

I have been forcing water Hammy's water bottle
(hammy is our hamster)

but, as I say, she's eating like a champ

Lucy, is going to live

she would not have made it without wet food
and, love