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Buddy's Mom
February 7th 09, 01:29 AM
Take him into an emergency vet now!! He sounds like he is crashing
and you are going to lose him.

On Feb 6, 7:51�pm, James Egan > wrote:
> My cat Chip who has hyperthyroidism seems to have a stroke. �I was going
> to have the radio iodine therapy, but it may be too late. �He's very
> disoriented, and going outside the litter box. �He is able to walk around,
> and did eat and drink some. �I also gave him some canned chicken, and
> place water near him. �He's head is hanging low, and at one point, he
> crawled behind the sofa and the wall. �I understand that cats know when
> the end is near, and they go to an out of the way place. �He doesn't seem
> to be an any discomfort. �I fact, I was sitting next to him, petting him,
> and had him purring.
> My question is, if it is a stroke, and it wasn't too severe, can he
> recover? �I think I'm hoping against hope here though. �I love the little
> guy!
> -Thanks