View Full Version : I think my cat had a stroke

James Egan
February 7th 09, 12:51 AM
My cat Chip who has hyperthyroidism seems to have a stroke. I was going
to have the radio iodine therapy, but it may be too late. He's very
disoriented, and going outside the litter box. He is able to walk around,
and did eat and drink some. I also gave him some canned chicken, and
place water near him. He's head is hanging low, and at one point, he
crawled behind the sofa and the wall. I understand that cats know when
the end is near, and they go to an out of the way place. He doesn't seem
to be an any discomfort. I fact, I was sitting next to him, petting him,
and had him purring.

My question is, if it is a stroke, and it wasn't too severe, can he
recover? I think I'm hoping against hope here though. I love the little