View Full Version : hissing-when he's sleeping! must been a nightmare

February 13th 09, 03:22 AM
Rudy like to use to post to sleep and it in the spare bdrm...I'm not
in there often....my TV died tody...my little TV in the spare bdrm -
so I was watching the telly there didn'r think Moe or Rudy were
around...little bit latter I hear a hiisy noise...I look up..Rudy like
to sleep on very top of cat tree we got...I just figured Moe was
bothering and Rudy was make he knew that- that no Moe in the room, he
zonked on the couch
so seems Mr.Rudy was hissy in his sleep

awilhe some asked a your cats nick names -- I never gave only a few so
here's mine

Moe is MoMo Mose and posey

Rudy is RuRu

nevee cats could hizz in theeir slwpp but you I cant type