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Anthony A. Jean
February 13th 09, 03:42 PM
Anyone remember Clifton Sharp? He was a regular poster here in usenet and
he was a great man who loved animals. The man was my uncle and mentor.
Anyway, I am asking anyone who knew him to please help me with this cause
and help anyway that you can. I have come across an extraordinary man who
runs a local NO KILL animal shelter who is looking to improve and expand
his non profit shelter. This man is very passionate about saving animals
and I believe in his cause and I know Clifto would too. The trouble is
that I do NOT want to spam up usenet trying to help this guy and shelter
but I want to put the word out to anyone who can help in ANY way not just
financially. This shelter is located in Arizona and currently needs food
litter and anything else pet related. It is a fully exempt charitable
organization and you will be able to write off any donations on your
taxes for credit this upcoming tax year. http://helpsavepets.com/ is his
website. Anyone local who is in need of employment can also contact him
because he is offering $100 per day to anyone who is willing to sit at a
table and take donations for the shelter. Guys please help this is a
terrific cause! I have personally seen the operation and he is doing a
world of good for these poor animals. Thank you!