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February 19th 09, 03:05 PM

I'm a little late here but thought I'd tell you real quick about what
has worked for us for 20 yrs with all our dogs and cats.... Borax...
(the old 20 Mule Team stuff). (We just had a visit from a Friends dog
and now Ayce, my cat has fleas...We're putting down the Borax!

Sprinkle it lightly (I use a sifter) in all areas of carpet (though I
recall you said you had no carpet) behind chair cushions. Anywhere the
fleas can get into. This is how it works...or so they say:

Fleas do not "Live" on the animal...only go to feed. They lay eggs in
carpet, chairs, et and when the young ones are born their outer shells
(shells are soft while young) are scratched by the Borax and they die
from dehydration.

It has worked great for us and no poisons! Good Luck.

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