View Full Version : My Friend Ayce

February 20th 09, 01:00 PM
Howdy Team,

A chilly morning here in central Florida and my buddy, Ayce, has moved
back to my bed! He's truly a warm weather kitty. Like most cats, but
more so...he loves the sunshine. I'm going to do some gardening
today... assuming the sun's going to shine (looks like it will) and
Ayce will join me as he seeks to warm his bones.

I only feed him wet food once a day...just a taste in the
morning..he's never been a "hungry" cat...always pretty cool about his
food...But he does show his emotions just prior to "wet food" time! So
I think it's more important to him than he let's on!

Thanks for letting me chat about my buddy. You all be good.

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