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February 20th 09, 11:51 PM
Well That's everyone!!

My sisters Cat just passed away and she was only 4 years young!!!???
So Sad!! She was never really healthy, but the Vets said she had FIP,
and her
number was about 400? Which they say is low, but I quess if you are
not healthy
to begin with, I don't know? My 2 Babies are really healthy, but I
was also told by
a Vet, they both tested about 400 for it as well. They seemed to be
very concerned
but my Breeder of the one Cat, said that's nothing, almost all cat
breeders know
that their cats have at least that! Doesn't mean they are not healthy
or will become
sick? Has anyone else had this experience??

To keep my guys healthy and my sister adopted a new kitty with a cold,
and she wanted
to do the best she could for her new best friend too, but I give my
guys Juice Plus+!!

Yeah, you think I am crazy? Juice what for an animal? No its not
Juice drinks?
For Humans Its Live Whole Fresh 17 Fruits and Vegetables for our Furry
its a little different. It is still Live Active ingredients like
enzymes and friendly
microorganisms that help to correct nutritional deficiencies. It is a
powder you
sprinkle or mix into their food, and it has a Liver base to it as
well. My sister said
she was putting some into a bowl for her new kitty, and turned around
to get the food,
and another one of her cats had already licked it clean, all by
itself. Must taste good!!

My other sisters cat was told he was on his last leg, and he was an
indoor only cat.
So, she figured if he was on his way out, she would let him have a
good time.
He, of course, started catching LIVE prey, and eating it, and the live
enzymes and
whatever else he needed, gave this dude another 9 lives. He since then
has been
hit by a car, thought he would loose his tail, bite by a rattle snake
twice, what else??
He needed what he is suppose to have from nature, but does not get
from food we give
them indoors. So, that's why Juice Plus+ for our furry babies is so

f you are interested in the product, you can go to the website, and
leave an email, cause the
product right now is not on the website and the ability to order it
either. So, leave a message,
and you will be answered quickly with information.


February 21st 09, 01:14 AM

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