View Full Version : Cats and soy products (posting question for friend)

March 2nd 09, 07:08 AM
I'm on an email list (not related to cat health) and someone posted this
message. I said that I would repost it to this newsgroup because a lot
of folks here could answer the question. I'll forward answers back.


I'm wondering if anyone on this list knows if there are any ill
effects to cats/kittens who eat soy. My kitten seems enamoured with
both edamame pods (which he'll pick up from my plate and bat around,
chewing as he goes) and soy milk (which he likes to lick off the bowl
once I'm done with my cereal). I've never had a cat who likes to do
either of these things. And, my kitten seems altered by the edamame
pods (as if he were on catnip!).

Any ideas, comments, suggestions?