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Michael J
March 2nd 09, 02:46 PM
Hi cat lovers!

The mirror test is a test popular among behavior researchers which
they claim can tell something about self-awareness of an animal. They
would put a patch of paint on, say, a chimp's forehead (without him
noticing it), then put the chimp in front of a mirror to see if he
would wipe the patch off. If he does, it is proven that he has
recognized himself in the mirror.

Only some primates, elephants, ravens, and dolphins (wonder how they
test them!) are said to be able to "pass" the mirror test. Cats and
dogs are categorically ruled out, as are human children below 18

Now my cat once had a marten bite on his behind, which must have been
pretty painful, because he even slept in the bathroom with his wound
pressed to the cool tiles. The other morning he walked in front of the
bedroom mirror and inspected his bum over his shoulder!

I wish there were some behavior researchers as readers of this group -
what would they have to say to this? Is there a behavior research