View Full Version : Is Salmonella in "Essentials"-Arm and Hammer's New Corn Litter

April 19th 09, 07:37 PM

Today is Sunday and the Veterinarians have 'left the room' . . . so i
have some agonizing, wait-time on my hands, which i will spend with
you all . . .

I am having trouble with vomiting in young cats, and violent diarrhea/
death in less than 10-day-old kittens. I never experienced this before
in my life; also i never before used Arm and Hammer Essentials (corn
litter). Yes, itis CORN, i can feel the slick starch on my fingers
when wet.

Or does anyone have information on this condition. In my 73 (not
counting my first 3 years) years ihave never seen such a thing, so it
has to be something of a new-like nature.

Now i would like to introduce me and my kitties to you:

One kitten (the first to get this whatever it is) (about 3 months old)
was at deaths door, plus hanging half way over it (Vet. didnot expect
him to live. He could hardly stand let alone walk, and his eyes were
"fixed", as if he had already dead). FlufferNutter is a beautiful,
recessive-gene, black Angora, with a whole, new personality now, so i
guess he did die, but came back a new boy, and feral in a cute sort of
way. Should i change his name?? Ha-ha, just joking - - - i think . . .

I lost one kitten that was being bottle-fed and about two weeks old
(mother had no milk). Now one, from a litter of 6, from a non-inbred,
fantastic, young mother, is lying on my lap cold, weak, diarrhea and
dying. I am medicating him, but who knows what will happen. When the
bottle-fed one died i thought it was just because of the fact he was
being bottled-fed; i had just changed his milk to WalMart, kitten
formula, or he just wasnot growing etc; however, now i remember he had
a explosion of water/mucus (as in diarrhea), and i thought it meant he
wasnot getting any food whatever. Now i realize his death was from
this possible Salmonella, or whatever, that hasbeen effecting all the
cats at all ages (except of course for plush, suckie PiggyPen, who is
always trying to suck on my arms or anything else he can get at). He
is the most robust, healthy cat ever; with perfectly wide-eyed, round
eyes/with a slight insane look, and now i wonder if cats need
salt????? Does anyone know anything about salt and cats' health and or
resistance to illness?

Some of these kitties are quite in-bred, but this is a work in
progress, and iwill sort all of that out latter down my path of
possible success. The one kitty i introduced into the pride, to help
reduce the inbreeding, just had kitties, but no milk. She is a barn
kitty (a toad) and i have no details or knowledge about her pregnancy

Some kitties are out in the barn; theyare the toads (youhave to kiss a
lot of toads before you find a Prince); some, whoare semi-toads are
housed in the basement; my breeders are caged on the enclosed porch,
Non-pillow-****ers are permitted in the main house, but with so many
kitties itis hard to distinguish between non-pillow-****ers and pillow-
****ers, because youhave to catch them in the act. Therefore some
breeders spend a lot of time in their cage, which, mainly, is Sir
Fuzzbuttly, my main man, however i do walk him on sunny days (the few
we have here in the east side of Lake Erie area). My Two, huge,
beautiful, heart-breakingly magnificent, gorgeous, Siamese males are
pillow ****ers, so have been relegated to the basement, and iam
considering having them caged in the barn. I cannot keep up with all
the constant scrubbing for too much longer . . . itis killing
me . . .

Iam cross-posting this because i feel this Salmonella possiblility it
is of an urgency matter.


Truth will set you free John 8:32