View Full Version : Shamrock might be outgrowing his allergies

April 24th 09, 03:00 AM
For those of you who've followed Shamrock's skin problems over the years
might be interested in this. The first few years he had flare-ups on many
parts of his body. After some time and several different types of
"treatments" including allergy shots prescribed by a vet dermatologist, the
worst hotspots on him were on the back of his tail and back of his legs.
Then after a couple years treatment with cyclosporin, the only flare-up he
got was on his belly. He still licked the leg and tail areas, but they
never flared. His last depo medrol shot was in November and that was for
the flare-up on his tummy. I quit giving him the cyclosporin at about the
same time because I ran out and had an issue with his vet giving me the

Now it's Spring and he has no flare-ups, and has had no drug therapy since
that last depo shot in Nov.

Am I jumping the gun thinking he might be past the worst?


April 25th 09, 09:12 PM
I hope it doesn't come back but ? it could. My cat has had those dupo
shots and sometimes has gone a year or two, and then it was back