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Jean B.
April 25th 09, 09:07 PM
Because cats can drive you crazy. Ming seems to get into a
non-eating mode once or twice a year. Of course, I start thinking
about crystals and blockages, and I also start worrying about
fatty liver disease.*

I have dragged Mingy to the vet's (not good, because Ming is a
very shy cat and this stresses HIM out immensely), had him tested,
with no useful findings. I then have to get every single food he
might possibly eat to see what, if anything, appeals to him. NOW,
in desperation, I have gotten his old favorite kibbles, Nutro
roast chicken. I see they have been "improved" and no longer make
any claim to support urinary health. :-( BUT he actually is
eating some of that as I type--those crunches being music to my ears.

I also have gotten some other brands and flavors of wet food (his
norm is Wellness chicken). I am reminded that Ming likes
Triumph's low-magnesium roasted chicken, so he at least is getting
moisture from that. He really doesn't get many calories from wet
food though and is more apt to just lick up the extra moisture
from the bit of water that I add.

*I don't understand how fatty liver disease came into being. It
seems like the danger to cats from not eating or eating very
little makes no sense to their survival.
Jean B.

April 25th 09, 09:46 PM
I had an old cat one time, who was getting near the end, so didn't eat
good......I fed him some "baby food.....meat ones", he liked that. I'd
put some on a spoon and hold it in front of him, and he ate some.