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May 4th 09, 02:04 PM
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>> > lived? How many years?
>> Currently, 15 years and counting.
>> Previously, 12 years (cancer) and 10 years (FIV). They live longer when
>> you have them spayed or neutered and keep them indoors.
>> Bud
>I've had my first cat live to 18, another to 14, one to 9 and the
>current one is 6 and still going strong.
>The 9 year old was a seriously obese cat. Nothing we did could control
>his weight.

My first two died at 9 (Bushky - diabetes) and 16 (Nico the wonder cat
- cancer). Luckyboy didn't make it much past 9 either (heart).

I adopted one sick old girl because I wanted her to have a decent
place to die. She lived around 9 months with me, and wiped out a good
part of my bank account, but I have no idea how old she was.

My current brood (Espy, Nipsy, and Marlo) are all around 4 or 5.

One of my vets told me that most cats don't live longer than 12. Sure,
some make it to 20 or older, but those are the exceptions.