View Full Version : Gramps "magic" ice-cream {a story of the great depression}

Sharon Scharf[_2_]
May 8th 09, 02:02 AM
As I said before I was born in Georgia in the 20's. When I was 5
old My mother used to leave me with Granny and Gramps when she went
work bottling bathtub gin at the local speakeasy. Me and Gramps had
game we played when Granny went to the market. All I had to do was
poopy in a bowl for Gramps and he gave me a shiny penny!! Gramps said
he was magic, he could change it into choclate ice-cream and he put
in the icebox and it must have worked because after about an hour, he
took it out and ate it greedily. Magic ice-cream was our secret, he
told me never to tell Granny and I didn't. I can keep a secret.

I was pure when I had my first niggra men. My mother used to spread
legs once a week and put her finger in to see if she could feel my
cherry. I couldn't figure why she had to do it so often but I heard
her mumbling something about "old letchers" and my Daddy and Uncles
names would always come up. I never knew why. Juvon and Fidel were
farmhands at the old Donniger property. They used to **** me at the
same time. They could shoot off at the same time and I could take 2
dicks up my ass or in my mouth. Either way was heaven! Juvon used to
say "Dis be sumb mutha****a fine pussa n acehole" It's so funny the
way they talk.

Like most everyone we had hard times in the 30's We were always short
on money but Scott's father came up with a plan. We cut a 12 by12
in a closet and I would lock myself in the closet with my bare ass up
against the hole. My husband brought men home from the speakeasy
they were all liquored up on bathtub gin and they sampled my tail 10
minutes for $3.00. That was a lot of money at the time and my husband
said it was allright because the Reverend Stewart was a regular
customer. He was so much different than he was in church. He always
pulled down his pants and told me to get ready to be baptized. He
always yelled out "Holy Mother of God" when he shot his nuts. Church
was interesting from that time on.

Stay tuned for part 3.