View Full Version : Do you have your cats Micro-chipped & ?

May 10th 09, 01:22 AM
Do you think it is a good idea?

May 10th 09, 06:46 AM
Gloria wrote:
> Do you think it is a good idea?

Yes absolutely - in Australia it is the law in every state anyway so
there is no choice in the matter. I don't understand why there should
even be a discussion on the matter it is so self evident. Controls feral
animals and forces pet owners to take responsibility for their charges.

Animals without registration are destroyed after a certain period.

However there are countless stories of cat's being reunited with their
minders in the press and TV as a result of micro chipping. A few weeks
ago there was TV coverage of a cat returned after 10 years! Stolen cats
have been picked up at a visit to the vet by the catnapper or the
hapless soul who bought the cat with the resulting return and police action.

May 10th 09, 02:30 PM
Suddenly, without warning, Gloria exclaimed (5/9/2009 8:22 PM):
> Do you think it is a good idea?

yes, and yes. Meep was chipped in 1999, never regretted it. She's a
black cat with no particular markings, so that chip might be the only
way we'd be reunited if she got lost.

10 years, and the chip has never bothered her. Getting it was exactly
the same as getting a shot, she didn't notice that either.