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May 10th 09, 01:25 AM
If so, can posts be deleted?

Stan Brown
May 10th 09, 07:49 PM
Sat, 9 May 2009 19:25:10 -0500 from Gloria >:
> If so, can posts be deleted?

All articles are deleted by the passage of time. How long that takes
depends on which server you are connected to.

Can you yourself do something to delete your article (or anyone
else's) from all news servers that currently have copies? No. The
great prevalence of forged cancels a few years ago caused most of the
big providers to adopt a policy of ignoring cancels. It's too bad,
because sometimes as soon as I've hit Send I realize I could have
said something better, but there's no effective way to call it back.

And of course everything is permanently archived at google. In
addition, many sites that run their own forums capture all articles
from certain newsgroups and, totally without permission, repost the
articles to their private forums. There's nothing you can do about
this either, unless you find these pirate sites *and* they're in the
US *and* you're prepared to invoke the Digital Millennium copyright
Act *and* either they or their hosting company cooperate with the

Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems, Tompkins County, New York, USA
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