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May 16th 09, 04:09 AM
Can Happiness Be Inherited?
ScienceDaily (May 14, 2009) — A new study suggests that our feelings
in our lifetime can affect our children.

Dr. Halabe Bucay suggests that a wide range of chemicals that our
brain generates when we are in different moods could affect 'germ
cells' (eggs and sperm), the cells that ultimately produce the next
generation. Such natural chemicals could affect the way that specific
genes are expressed in the germ cells, and hence how a child develops.

In his article in the latest issue of Bioscience Hypotheses, Dr
Alberto Halabe Bucay of Research Center Halabe and Darwich, Mexico,
suggested that the hormones and chemicals resulting from happiness,
depression and other mental states can affect our eggs and sperm,
resulting in lasting changes in our children at the time of their

Brain chemicals such as endorphins, and drugs, such as marijuana and
heroin are known to have significant effects on sperm and eggs,
altering the patterns of genes that are active in them.

"It is well known, of course, that parental behavior affects children,
and that the genes that a child gets from its parents help shape that
child's character." said Dr. Halabe Bucay. "My paper suggests a way
that the parent's psychology before conception can actually affect the
child's genes."

"This is an intriguing idea" commented Dr. William Bains, Editor of
Bioscience Hypotheses. "We wanted to publish it to see what other
scientists thought, and whether others had data that could support or
disprove it. That is what our journal is for, to stimulate debate
about new ideas, the more groundbreaking, the better."

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