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Aamy Lee
May 25th 09, 08:08 AM
Hello Friends,

A Periodontist is an individual that not only successfully completes
dental school, but one that uniquely specializes in diseases that
affect the gums and teeth by completing three more years of
specialized schooling. Capable of treating periodontal disease in both
its early and progressive stages, a periodontist can help a patient
achieve the maximum benefits associated with good dental health and
proper periodontal treatment. Furthermore, we at D & D Periodontal
Associates, P.C. are Diplomates of the American Board of
Periodonotology, which means that additional advanced study and
requirements were met to become board certified periodontists.

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May 25th 09, 04:32 PM
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> Hello Friends,

You have no friends here spamming piece of ****. Although, I may take my cat
Gracie to the peridontist soon.