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June 17th 09, 09:35 AM
Hi, I'm new to this group.
I share my home with two cats, Mitzi and Dolly, both eleven years
They're both well and happy cats except that Mitzi had seizures from a
few months old, which were controlled by pheno medication, a half a
tablet twice daily. Because of the medication she required six monthly
blood tests which were fairly expensive. In April 2008 she went
missing, scared by a dog whilst in our garden, she jumped over a wall,
got confused about where she was and was missing for almost seven
weeks. We put out flyers, heard she'd been seen, but it took a lot
more searching until we eventually located her, scared, dehydrated,
and starving. She was rushed to our vets but she almost didn't make it
- she needed two stays at surgery, on a drip, before she was back on
track. She's fine now, if rather more clingy. The odd thing is she
hasn't had a seizure since she returned. She isn't on medication and
seems physically fine. We now feel fairly confident the seizures won't
return. Our problem now is that because of her initial fragility we
didn't allow her annual booster vaccination and she's now due to begin
the course again. We suspect that this may begin her seizures again,
but without any real grounds for suspecting. My theory about her not
having seizures any more is that, having lost half of her body weight
when she was found, any chemicals in her were absent. I feel really
hesitant about making the appointment to have the vaccination
procedure done, but at the same time I don't want to put her at risk.
Has anyone any ideas, a) why her seizures stopped after ten years of
having them? and b) could it have been due to chemicals? I apologise
for the length of this post!