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June 27th 09, 02:24 PM
Carb Rotation Diet - The Secret To Rapid Permanent Weight Loss
Hi, I'm Mary Stevens from PoundShed.com and I want to pass along some
interesting information to you about the "Carb Rotation Diet" created
by Jayson Hunter, a registered dietitian, who has developed a great
way to keep those pounds off!

Jayson has discovered that there are 5 absolute truths every dieter
who wants "fast permanent weight loss" must know.

These 5 truths are related to:

* “Thermic” fat burning effect which, done properly, results in
accelerated body slimming.

* A “starvation” diet is a recipe for disaster because your body goes
into "fat saving" mode.

* Many of the “diet” foods cause you to pack on the pounds faster.

* Most diet pills and potions are a complete waste of your hard-earned

* It's easy to safely lose up to fifteen pounds in less than a month
by following a healthy nutritional program.

Find out about Jayson's great inexpensive Carb Rotation Diet here: