View Full Version : I have a busines to help find your lost pet

July 3rd 09, 06:23 PM
Iíve had this idea for a while and after being out of work for over a
year (after 30 years of environmental consulting), I decided to take a
shot at my own business to make a living. (Itís me versus my
dwindling IRA in a race to succeed and save the house, keep the kids
in their activities, etc. before the $$ run out.)

I believe it to be a good and useful service and you might want to
bookmark it so you have it when you, or a friend, need it.

Please, if you have time, check out my site at www.findmylostpet.net
and see what you think. I could definitely use the help in getting
the word outÖand any other suggestions/comments will be appreciated
very much.

I'm a subscriber - keep well all! Thanks very much