View Full Version : Cat bitten by dog? What to do before seeing the Vet?

Ron Murray
July 13th 09, 11:01 PM

My daughter is on holiday in Corfu and there is a stray kitten/cat at the
house they are renovating. The guard dog belonging to her boyfriends father
has bitten the cat on the leg. Her boyfriend was feeding them both outside
in the dark and perhaps the dog thought the cat was going to eat its food
and bit it?

My daughter says that there are two puncture wounds on the leg, but the cat
has licked them clean. It is crying a bit. I warned my daughter that the dog
could have broken the cats bones or ruptured ligaments, tendons or muscles
and probably will become infected if not treated properly. They will take it
to a vet tomorrow morning.

Is their any precautions or actions that can be taken to help the young cat?
i.e. bathing the wound in salt water, bandaging the wound, applying Vaseline
or antiseptic cream for humans? Any advice to help the poor thing and I can
ring her ASAP. Thanks in advance - I will try a couple of other forums just
in case.