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July 14th 09, 09:16 PM
first abt the Rosie post...along w/projecting anxiety, Rosie knows
when her 2 humans go in the bathroom w/her what will since they take
her in there all time

I can't cut my cats claws (they go spaz then I get maybe 1 or 2 &
don't which I've done) my daughter does it, I never seen it done this
way, Rudy is standing on the floor, my daughter stradles him with her
legs then squats over Rudy using her butt for a little pessure to hold
him in place the qucikly does the nails and usally Moe is another room
(if lucky) and hasn't seen as both my cats are indoor guys

my guys have super long hiar and btwn their nails the hair is even


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