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Animal Echoes
August 3rd 09, 08:30 PM
Improving your Animals HealthNedda Wittels

You will learn how to support your Animals Healing Process, prepare to
handle illness before they occur, help an animal currently recovering
from illness or injury, learn how to use flower essences to help their
recovery, and improve your ability to give medications to sick or
injured animals.
Cost: $15.00

Time: 8:00 PM EST Date: 09/12/09

For more information: http://www.animalechoes.com/nedda.asp

Soul ContractsJenny Key

Animal lovers know that our four-legged and winged friends play a
special role in our lives. Our journey together is actually a soul
contract- an agreement made to help each other grow. In this seminar,
animal communicator and licensed therapist, Jenny Key, will teach
skills in reading soul contracts. Participants will gain a basic
understanding of animal communication. Case examples will be explored
to demonstrate how situations such as medical illness, behavior
difficulties, lost pets, or pets who have crossed over, offer healing
opportunities for both human and animal.
Cost: 45.00
http://www.animalechoes.com/Jenny.asp for more informaiton

Time: 8:00 PM EST Date: 09/26/09