View Full Version : De-Scenting House for New Cat

August 15th 09, 07:13 AM
I'm hoping to acquire a new cat soon and want to prepare for him or
her. We are currently cat-less. My previous cat died at the end of
May (of kidney disease).

I am currently working on getting rid of all urine odors using
Nature's Miracle and a black light. I am also replacing a rug &
underpadding in one of the bathrooms.

My previous (female) cat probably has left her scent by rubbing up
against things all over the house over the years. I am concerned that
her scent might make the new cat territorial. Need I be concerned
about her residual non-urine scent, or would that have dissipated by
now? Is there anything in particular that I should do to minimize her

Thanks for any wisdom on this.