View Full Version : have ti get rid of my a babies : (

August 16th 09, 01:26 PM
we got Me&Rudy frim the SPCA arounnd 6 yrs agi at that my hubby was
still well and hadn;t even been disgonsed wth cancer, cancer isn;t
akways a death sentsnce but hist type was....the'ye neutred indoor
I'm'. om SSD that gives my very little to live off....the hoduing
mangnent will take great plearuse in tis.....mang.told me I coulf keep
them both then around after abt 3 month Rick Died she called in her
office she proclmlied I had to get rif og both og them

I'mthrowing outhakd their food, they;not, very active use kitty
littere....I knoe I've dnr my share of mosninh groaning at then in
here but I lve them dearly

when Rick died evert time Istarted cryingm they;d come runniniing _I
don't know what I'l doIlove so much --how can I ge trid of then and
yet I ahve to pay my bills,,,just has a $625 bill on my van and that
not not need to pay ofan alighmenent besised eating for sll 3 of us