View Full Version : 14 Year Old Male Tabby

Andrea Broussard
August 26th 09, 10:09 PM
Hi everyone-
I just found out yesterday that I have to move this weekend, and have
to be out by Sunday. Unfortunately, I'll be going back to my parent's
for a few months, and they won't allow me to bring Hobbes. He's a
really great cat- he gets along with all kids and other pets (he's
lived with dogs, other cats, rabbits and parrots). If you or anyone
you know would be able to give him a home, please let me know. He is a
great companion, loves to snuggle, and adores sleeping in the sink!
If I can't find him a home, I'm going to have to take him to a
shelter, and we all know how over-populated those can be. I wish I
could bring him with me, he really is my baby. Like I said though,
unfortunately my parents will not let him live with them, and they
even are threatening to put him down if I can't get him a home by this
I really hope you guys can help me out. If you can pass along this
message to any of your friends who might be interested, I would really
appreciate it.
Thank you so much,