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Animal Echoes
October 3rd 09, 10:43 PM
Penelope Jensen

3 part Seminar (5,12,19)

The essentials on how to telepathically get in touch with animals. How
you are
already in communication with animals. How to expand your receptivity,
increase your awareness and open your heart. Telepathic communication
animals is natural ability all humans have. After all we are animals
as well!
It is possible to reawaken your intuitive senses or to just realize
you have
been using them all along! Your companion animals are aware of the
pictures you
form in your mind and are aware of your intentions before you act or
speak. Come
learn to recognize the skills you are all ready using. Expand your
awareness to
send and receive information, pictures, feelings to your animal
friends and all
living forms.


To Sign up: http://www.animalechoes.com/penelope.asp