View Full Version : G*D help me, I ordered a Litter Robot

October 20th 09, 08:44 PM
I don't like them because looking at my cats output helps me determine
their health. On the other hand, if the Litter Robot works out, I can
maybe have Scooter join the tribe (see other posts). I've been getting
too much flac from the Significant Other over the existing litterbox
conditions to take in another cat. Apparently keeping the litterbox in
the bathtub is rude.

There are other problems as well. He is a sloppy and overbearing
eater, pushing my hand aside as I try to put food in his bowl. Espy
hates him. I'm worried that, like Marlo, he will balloon if he takes
up the sedentary style of life indoors. Still, if the SO is happy with
the litterbox issues, maybe the other things will be worked out. It is
going to get cold soon.