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Kelly Greene
October 26th 09, 05:53 AM
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>>Not one person responded to the my post about inner ear infections. Our
>>has 3 more days of prednisolone (sp?) and a week worth of antibiotics. If
>>she hasn't responded by then she'll be euthanized. This has been going on
>>for 3 weeks now and she hasn't improved one iota.
> Prednisone is typically given to cats for cancer treatment like lymphoma
> or
> as an appetite stimulant. It has to be ramped up in the beginning and
> ramped down when discontinuing.

She's on one every other day now. This morning she was much improved, much
stronger. As I type this she's eating again! See my reply to FirstHit.

> Non-responsiveness to an antibiotic indicates either a wrong antibiotic
> was
> selected or something else is going on, again possibly cancer. In my 10
> years experience with cats, if you don't see results and improvement with
> medication in 48 hours, something is wrong.

Here I agree but inner-ear-infections are hard to treat especially since
most of the causal bacteria are so antibiotic resistant, and they can't be
reached without surgery. Outer ear infections are much easier to treat.
I've had cats with them before. He said it would take time. They don't
clear up (inner ear) in a few days as you probably know. But we did expect
improvement in a week at least. Since this is a stray, we don't know how
long she's had this infection or even how old she is. A good sign is, as
sick as she's been, she managed to gain 4 oz since we took her in.

> My advice is to take your cat back to the vet and ask for a re-evaluation.
> If the vet is shaking their head, go to a different vet and try a fresh
> approach to the problem.