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Kelly Greene
October 29th 09, 04:59 AM
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> Bringing the conversation back down to earth...A suggestion to seek a
> second opinion is actually wise advice. We are not suggesting that you go
> "vet searching" and seek opinion after opinion. But, just like with
> humans, it is good practice to get a second opinion when the first vet
> seems to be having difficulty. It is possible that the second vet will
> also diagnose inner ear infection, but it is *also* possible that the
> second vet will find something that was originally overlooked. This does
> not necessarily mean that your current vet did not do a good job. None of
> us are perfect, and there are numerous instances when even a small change
> in protocol can locate new information. And you are thinking about the
> ultimate, final decision--killing your cat. I really cannot understand
> doing that without at least seeking a second opinion, and especially for
> something that is usually as treatable as inner ear infection. (Yes, I
> saw your reference to bone damage. That is still another reason to take
> this further and not simply accept one vet's opinion before making that
> final, irreparable decision for a young cat.)

OK, first, she's improved dramatically in the past 2 days. :-))) She's
using the litter pan again and is much more active. She's eating well on
her own and drinking warmed milk. She has no milk allergy. She can walk in
a straight line but appears to be hearing impaired. That may improve in
She isn't a young cat. We don't know her age. Looking at her teeth, and I
know that can be deceiving, I would, from past experience, say she was
around 5 yrs old. She was dumped off by my neighbor's house back in June or
July some time.

Your advice about a second opinion is good advice, if one can afford it. If
she crashes again I'll take her to the only other Animal clinic in town.
It's very expensive there and most of the people I know no longer go there.

> MaryL