View Full Version : Red/green laser test results

Ted Davis[_3_]
October 30th 09, 07:54 PM
I finially got a couple of my cats interested in playing with lasers (the
weather has been horrible: record rain for October and I think they were
just bored).

The results: hardly any difference, though the most spectacular play event
was with the green - it was shining on the tip of Curly's tail and he
jumped straight up in the air trying to turn around to catch the spot
(which disappeared into the crack between the fridge and cabinet).

It appears that it's not worth the extra cost - when they are willing to
play with a laser, they don't seem to care what color or how bright it is.
When they are not interested (which is most of the time) neither one is
worth the cost.

T.E.D. )