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Kelly Greene
November 2nd 09, 11:35 PM
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>> Thank you for that information. I think Lucky will be deaf in one ear.
>> Her left ear was as bad as an inner ear infection can be they said. I
>> know she'll learn to compensate in time if her hearing doesn't improve.
>> She'll be safe in the house with us. She shows no interest in trying to
>> get outside. We're sure she was someone's indoor housecat until they
>> decided to get rid of her. Her wounds from being attacked by the other
>> neighbor's cat have healed nicely.
>>> Photos of Duffy and Holly: >'o'<
>>> Duffy: http://tinyurl.com/cslwf
>> How on earth does he jump up on and down from things if he's blind??!?!?!
>>> Holly: http://tinyurl.com/9t68o
>> She looks so much like a black male cat I had back in the 1960s. :-)
>>> Duffy and Holly together: http://tinyurl.com/8b47e
>>> Duffy conquers the Christmas tree: http://tinyurl.com/clal7
>> They're beautiful cats and you have a lovely home.
> As I said, Duffy truly is remarkable. However, he doesn't jump up and
> down in the same way as Holly does. He loves what I call his "vertical
> space"--he climbs everything with great agility, and never damages
> anything. He will leap down from a chair or the sofa, but he *descends*
> from higher heights. I have a couple of tall cat trees, and also a
> carpeted pole mounted to the side of the computer hutch. He scrambles up
> and down those areas like a little gymnast. He whirls around the posts on
> his way up, then starts head-first downward but rotates his body and then
> backs down sort of like a little bear. Even so, I find him in the most
> remarkable places and without any damage. You may have seen the picture
> where he somehow got up onto the top of the easel where I was painting and
> was hanging down over the front of the painting.

No, I didn't see that picture. But I saw him up on things all through your

I don't have any idea how he can possibly know how
> to do that, but he does. If I move a chair, he will be sitting on it five
> minutes later.

He somehow senses they're there. Animals are remarkable and can do
wonderful things! Duffy doesn't know he's handicapped. He's looks like a
perfectly happy contented cat. :-)

> Thanks for the compliments.
> MaryL