View Full Version : Litter Robot Update

November 9th 09, 03:59 PM
Somewhat better news this time. All three cats are now using the
litter robot, although Nipsy still doesn't seem comfortable with it.
Not surprising since he's so big and it really is a pretty small area
for pooping and peeing. On the other hand, none of the three cats has
done anything out of the LR doorway, so that's a plus.

The next thing to do is shift the robot so that my surveilance camera
can look inside as they go. While that probably sounds a bit boorish,
I bought the surveilance camera because Espy had a urinary blockage
and I need to keep track of his bathroom habits.

That shift will also need to move the entrance away from the bathtub
edge, so the cats will have to climb up the step into the robot. If
they bypass the step, I think the robot could turn on with them
inside. It won't harm them, it's very slow, not like a clothes dryer,
but it would scare them. Once that is done I can turn on the automatic
mode cleaning mode and see how it really works.