View Full Version : Mom took the furbabies somewhere

November 10th 09, 06:46 PM
I built a little outdoor house for Scooter outside the front of my
house, but his wife/daughter moved in with two baby kittens. They were
around 2 weeks old. So for two weeks I've been feeding both Scooter
and Jet. Scooter is very friendly and may very well end up as my
fourth cat. Jet is pretty feral.

The kittens started coming out of the house on Saturday. Sunday Jet
disappeared for most of the day, and one of the kittens apparently
went with her. My neighbors and I spent much of the day holding the
second kitten and watching him/her explore. Around dusk, Jet returned,
skittish around the several adults with her kitten.

I figured that she was likely to take them somewhere a little more
protected - the front of my house isn't really a good place for
kittens - too much concrete and cars.

However, Sunday night Jet had returned the other kiitten and settled
in after a nice meal. But Monday morning both kittens and Jet were
gone. I guess she moved them to the backyards - these are attached
houses so it isn't too easy for a cat to get from front to back.

I think have my neighbors looking out for where she brought them.
They're about four weeks old now and in another two weeks we'll need
to get them to some shelter. And we need to get Jet neutered - she
already looks pregnant again. I had Scooter done a few weeks back.

Any comments on what needs to be done, assuming we can find the