View Full Version : feral and proud of it - in the San Francisco Bay Area!

November 11th 09, 11:04 AM

I have trapped up a feral male kitty in the parking lot where I work.
He was readily accepting food from me for a few days, and he would
come quite close and friendly when food was coming, so I think he
deserves a better chance in life than the parking lot.

I have two former ferals myself whom I socialized, and another one
"Roo" whom I adopted from an advert. With the size of my condo what
it is, and a neighbor who is allergic to cats, I can't have another
one. I was going to keep him for a while, socialize him and then try
and find him a home, but he is a bit more feral than I thought and he
needs to be with someone for good from the start.

My philosophy about cats (and other animals), is that their purpose
for living with me, is not to provide me with fun, pleasure or any
other benefit whatsoever. Instead, what it is, is that we humans have
taken those creatures all over the world, out of their native habitat
which we largely destroyed, and into urban areas where it is dangerous
for them to be outside, so, we owe them, whenever we can, to provide a
little space to live.

If you are like that, then maybe you would want to contribute to that
cause, by adopting this little guy. He has ear clipped, which means,
he has been through a vet, is healthy, no fleas, and is fixed. He
does not bite or scratch, you can hold him, but he does hiss sometimes
and meow in distress. He is eating very little. Basically this is
all because he has just been picked up. It may be a long time, maybe
half a year, but he will come around and start to love you
unconditionally. He must be indoors for a long time because he will

If you don't have experience with cats, I will tell you all you need
to know, it is very easy, much easier than a dog.

As it is, he cannot be in a shelter. Mark