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November 23rd 09, 05:59 PM
On Nov 22, 5:05*pm, "Matthew" >
> * * I just got back inside from burying my old friend of 15 plus years. *His
> name was Phantom; my grouchy Old man. *I buried him next to Spirit. *I
> wrapped him in some towels and a nice box. I decorate the grave in red tone
> chipped bricks.
*I pray the gods find
> forgiveness in their hearts to let me be with my proud masters of before. *I
> pray for redemption for any trespasses I might do or have done in my life to
> be with the ones that I love.
> Travel safe across the bridge *My friend. *I love you so much

Please trust me when I say you did the right thing. There is no braver
thing a man can do than to give the ultimate and final gift of mercy,
and nothing more strong a man can do than cry. You upheld Phantom's
trust that you would do right by him and in my heart I believe he will
be there to thank you on the day you're together for good.

Matt, please accept my sincere condolences. Phantom must be a
wonderful soul, and I know you two loved each other deeply.

Blessed be,