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November 28th 09, 12:11 AM
On Nov 27, 4:46*pm, "cybercat" > wrote:
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> g.com...
> > Congratulations Cyber
> > You are the proud slave of a hell raider in waiting ;-)
> :) I know you know exactly what you're talking about, too. We just bathed
> the shelter smell off of her, got her warm and sleepy, and cut her claws for
> the first time, just the tips because it is so hard to see the quick. Gracie
> is not happy, but at the same time interested, it's kind of neat. I am using
> all the knowledge gained from all these years reading the group to start her
> out right. We made bath time as nice as we could, and when she was too
> squirmy this morning, decided to wait to cut her claws so as to not give her
> a bad experience. She did not protest at all while sleepy!

Congratulations on Baby Bella, how sweet. I hope Gracie warms up to
being a big sis soon.


November 28th 09, 01:11 AM
"Candace" > wrote :

>Congratulations on Baby Bella, how sweet. I hope Gracie warms up to
>being a big sis soon.

Thank you! And it is so nice to see you posting again!