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November 28th 09, 01:16 AM
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> Those of you who have been reading the group for a while know that we lost
> our beloved tuxedo girl last March to cancer, and have been giving ourselves
> time to grieve before adopting another. My husband had his heart set on a
> baby, but I have always adopted adults (figuring most people want kittens)
> so this is a totally new thing for me. He had wanted a Siamese-looking cat,
> but that proved impossible, they are few and far between as tiny babies at
> shelters, so he compromised.
> We brought baby Bella home Wednesday afternoon Nov. 25. She is 8-10 weeks
> old, weighs two pounds, is a black shorthair with a spot of tan on her chest
> and tiny splotches on a couple of her feet, almost like brush strokes. Also
> a couple of little spots above her eye. She is outrageously loving, loves
> everyone, and has a kind of oriental build--long and skinny. We adore her.
> She is between my office chair and the back of my head right now, about to
> take a nap. :) I took 58 pictures of her yesterday and not one turned out
> because she would not be still--and it is really hard to photograph a black
> cat. Gracie is a little grumpy but is interested in the kitten, so all goes
> well.
> Pictures soon as I figure out how to get some! Or maybe a video is better.

Use flash or record as video since Windows Movie Maker and other editors
let you snap frames of video as photograph.