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Richard McDonald
December 27th 09, 12:26 AM
I did look at a couple of the ASCPA links to refresh my memory; thanks.
I have three (3) cats --- only one of which I actually got for myself.
The other two (2) adopted me.

One ( Son, a male Siamese ) ran away from a previous next door neighbor
whose 2-3 year old use to terrorize the poor cat by holding it
underwater in the bathtub. It was always chaos next door.

The other male (Buddy) was a stray feral
type cat that came around begging for food during the winter (wet & cold
here in California). The first time I went to pet him he bit my hand
which swelled up the size of a softball). Now he sleeps with me and one
couldn't ask for better well behaved cat.

I've since moved and have 4-5 Strays
that I leave dryfood out for 24/7. As much as I'd like to take them in;
I can't, or won't.
I live in a Studio.

I do worry about the Strays like when the Weatherman says brings in all
pets ... but they all seem to have survived so far. I can only hope
that the food I leave out (dry & sometimes canned) provides them the
energy and warmth they need to get through the night.

Call Animal Control is not an option; here in Redding, CA they usually
end up dead from disease at the Haven Human Shelter or compassionately