View Full Version : Scooter is inside - no good deed goes unpunished

December 29th 09, 02:00 PM
I came home Thursday determined to see that Scooter was ok. I went
into the backyard and yelled down the block although I didn't expect
much of a response. Thump. Scooter was sitting by the hole in the Cat
Containment fence that I leave open when my cats aren't in the yard
and he just landed by my feet. So I pet him a few times and took him
through the house out the front door and fed him there, by his box.

Then I left him outside figuring he was ok. Friday (Christmas) I
opened the back door, looked around, closed the fence opening and let
Espy out for a little while. As I turn to go back inside, Scooter is
sitting by the back door. Not good. If Espy sees him the chase is on.
So I grab Scooter and bring him to the front of the house, give him
some food, and leave him. Ten minutes later he's trying to get through
the now-closed fence. Espy is ready to pounce. So I took Scooter
upstairs to the Cat Introduction Room and left him there. He has spent
quite a few days in that room between his neutering and a few other
days. Later we head off to the family party a few miles away.

Saturday morning I say enough. Scooter has been around for months now.
His scent is often on my clothes, he is regularly being fed on the
front stoop. I've even done the towel thing to transfer his and Espy's
scent. If he ends up in the yard when Espy is there then there is
going to be a real fight. So I lock Espy into another room and spray
Feliway around the place. I then let Scooter wander around the
upstairs. Marlo and Nipsy look on in horror but I figure Epsy is the
main problem.

I put Scooter back in the room and let Espy out. He sniffs
suspiciously around the upstairs. He stares daggers at me. So I let
him and Scooter sniff each other through a crack in the door. And then
I let him out. Espy hisses and growls but no actual fight breaks out.
Scooter explorers upstairs and down. I have the basement door closed
though. I never let cats down there until they've been in the house a
few weeks.

We head out Saturday evening for dinner and a concert, come home and
everyone is still alive. Not happy, but alive. Sunday morning Scooter
wants to go out the front door as I head off to exercise class. So, I
let him out. A few hours later he comes back and I let him in.

As of this morning, the growling and hissing continues but with
slightly less passion. Espy is staring at him, but surprisingly the
biggest problem has been Marlo. She seems to hate his guts. She's
hissing and clearly very upset. Each one takes turns being mean to
Scooter who isn't happy with the situation but is putting up a brave

No one is eating much - except for Scooter. Since the normal feeding
place is the bathroom, which has a very narrow entrance, having
Scooter in such close proximity to everyone else and blocking the exit
causes huge problems. I'm trying to feed him in the Cat Introduction
Room but even so everyone is barely eating.

The litter box in the Cat Introduction Room is available to all in
addition to the litter robot and there appears to be no problem on the
elimination end of things.

I guess for just a few days things are going farily well. We'll see
how it continues but I'm hopeful things will slowly get back to