View Full Version : Need online Vet - or cheap fast way to get revolution Flea treatment

January 11th 10, 10:16 PM
Hi all, I have a cat who was in the shelter for a year. He has fleas
and neither Advantage nor Frontline have worked. He has had them for
months - we seem to get them better under control but then they
- these shelter fleas seem extra hardy or immune to these spot
treatments. (We also tried Adams sprays and even diatomaceous
we have no carpets and no stuffed furniture - we clean and clean!) My
vet wants to charge me another $70 plus $25 a dose each for
Spot Flea treatment & for Capstar. I can get both without a
prescription for $10 each from Canada - but I can't wait 2-3 weeks to
arrive to New Jersey -- any help or ideas? Are there any cheaper
online vets? Thanks!