View Full Version : Home Sweet Home

Richard McDonald
January 19th 10, 05:31 AM
I have [3-1/2] Cats ... another cat - a Brindle Female Stray is
weaseling her way into my life even though I swore 3 was two 3 many.

The last one I let in the past Winter [Buddy] bit my hand which swelled
to the size of a baseball the first time I went to pet him. He was
feral and an Alpha male.

A year later now we are the best of buds; he loves to curl up on the
pillow next to me at night or lie in my lap. I only own one Cat; the
others adopted me. Son, my male Siamese ran away from my next door
neighbors house after much abuse and neglect.

This new Cat [Hurricane] I asked a new neighbor to adopt which she did;
but Friday she and her boyfriend had a fight and she split to distant
parts [mother] and abandoned the cat with no food & water.

I can understand and even appreciate her for walking out on her
boyfriend; but to abandon Hurricane in the midst of winter
is low.

At age 60 I've come to believe that when bad things happen to others; it
is a form of Self Inflicted Nonsense or its Nature's Way of righting
some wrong. Karma! Reap what you've sown!! I will ask this girl why
she did that when she comes back [in a nice way].